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Phuture Designs are a small team that specialise in helping small businesses and individuals to produce designs, product prototypes, one off creations and 3D printed samples and models.

Whether you’re looking for a design to your specific requirements, to check product feasibility before full scale manufacture or to produce a physical representation of an idea, we’re here to help.


Do you have an idea but are unsure how to get it from your head and into the real world? That’s something we can help with.

Following an initial discussion we can help you with establishing requirements, drawing up a brief, creating draft images, refining exact specifications and creating final detailed drawings.


Do you have a design that you would really like to see physically before you invest time and money in having a final piece created? Do you need a physical item that you can use to check for dimensions or for fitting? Or do you just want piece of mind that your design will be produced as you envisioned it?

This is where we can help. Using a range of prototyping methods from low fidelity cardboard and plastic up to high near production fidelity methods using 3D printing and CNC machining, scale or 1:1 models can be created from your designs.

3D Printing

Do you need a scale model of a new product, a new design, a planned building extension or maybe just a scale model of someone special.

We have produced all of these in the past with our in-house 3D printer.